The Nelsonville Dog Park Needs Your Support!

The Nelsonville Dog Park Needs Your Support!

We are working and planning for funding for the Nelsonville Dog Park, but we need your help. Most grants want to see that the local community is supportive of the park. This is where your help is needed. Go to the Nelsonville Dog Park Facebook Page, (@nelsonvilledogpark) or webpage, ( and post and tag a comment to “Nelsonville Dog Park”, picture or video of your dog and tell us why our community needs a dog park. Make your posts artistic or straight forward from the heart. Tell us about your dog(s) and why they would like a dog park.

The #1 FAQ, “where are you going to put a dog park.” The Nelsonville Dog Park will replace the current Nelsonville Wastewater Treatment Plant. The current Nelsonville Wastewater Treatment Plant is scheduled to be closed in 2023 when the new Nelsonville Wastewater Treatment Plant goes into operation on Elm Rock Road. When the old Wastewater Treatment Plant is demolished more 2 acres of land will be available for the Nelsonville Dog Park.

Thank you to the Nelsonville Community for their support and comments!


One thought on “The Nelsonville Dog Park Needs Your Support!

  1. I want a place I can get to easily! Take my dog to, free of worry! Ziggy is a Shih Tzu, 5 years old.


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