Dog Park Board

Nelsonville City Charter

§7.02. Appointment of members of boards and commissions

By concurrence of a majority of its members then holding office, Council shall have the power to appoint members of boards and commissions. Vacancies on boards and commissions shall be filled by a majority vote of the members of Council then holding office for the unexpired term of office.

§7.03. General rules for boards and commissions

A. Unless otherwise provided for in this Charter:

  1. Members of a board or commission of the City shall be electors of the City;
  2. Each board or commission shall elect a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, and shall appoint a Secretary, which Secretary may be (1) a member of the board or commission or (2) hold other employment with the City, if the Manager approves of the person holding such other employment to serve as the Secretary;
  3. Each board or commission shall keep a journal or other records of its proceedings;
  4. Each board or commission shall establish its own rules for its operation, which rules shall not conflict with this Charter or the City’s ordinances or resolutions;
  5. All members of board or commission shall serve without compensation unless otherwise provided for by the Council by ordinance or resolution;
  6. The City Manager, or the Manager’s designee, shall be an ex officio member, without voting power, of each board or commission except the Civil Service Commission; and
  7. Board or commission shall have all powers and shall perform all duties and functions imposed upon them by this Charter and the City’s ordinances and resolutions.

B. A majority vote of the members of the board or commission then holding office shall be required to take action.

The Nelsonville City Council established the Dog Park Board to work on the following items,

*Park Funding
*Park Access
*Park Design
*Park Rules
*Park sustainability

The Dog Park Board meets monthly at City Hall. Watch this page and Nelsonville Social Media accounts for meeting announcements.

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